Uses of Russian Nesting Dolls

Published: 13th April 2010
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Nesting Dolls are the best known and most popular of all Russian souvenirs. Nesting dolls, at first glance, appear quite simple but are full of unexpected sense. Nesting doll as a form of folk art possess tremendous potential to convey the deepest sense of the events developed in space and time. The Russian word for these wooden dolls is "matryoshka", but they are also called matrioshka, matryoshkas, babushka dolls, babushka's doll, matroshka, matryushka, and stacking dolls.

The most traditional nesting doll design is one that looks like a young Russian woman dressed in Russian native costume with a scarf on her head. In the traditional nesting doll sets all of the dolls look almost identical to one another, and the number of dolls in the set ranges from 5 to 30, but some custom-made sets contain many more.

Nesting doll is a huge artistic event which requires comprehension. It is both sculpture and painting, both the image and soul of Russia, at once instantly recognizable, while still maintaining a mysteriously charming allure. Our online store has over 1000 different styles of Nesting Dolls, ranging from the most traditional, to the latest political, entertainment, and sports figures.

Russian Nesting Dolls are used to express a sentiment or compliment a theme. They can be used a customary gift on occasions such as Mother's Day since it represents fertility. There are several other types and designs that can be used for gifting on specific occasions. E.g. Dolls made on the Christianity theme or Santa dolls work well for Christmas. Dolls made on sports theme like soccer or basketball or even popular tennis stars make a great Birthday gift option for a Sports lover. Weddings are yet another extremely important occasion to gift thematic dolls. Besides these Russian Nesting Dolls can be presented as house-warming gifts, collectibles, children's toys, desktop items and so on.

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